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Moss walls

Custom made moss walls

They will fit perfectly into any modern office or home. The ability of moss to enrich interior spaces with an identical natural element of art is appreciated by even the most respected designers and architects. Its huge advantage is the fact that it is almost maintenance-free.

These stabilized plants are native to South American countries and make up our forest collection, bringing an incredibly authentic green wall effect. With the innovative Bemoss vertical gardening concept, you enter the real world of plant design. Immerse yourself in the heart of a 100% natural atmosphere and feel its satisfying effect.

Reindeer moss

Scientifically known as “CLADONIA STELLARIS” or commonly referred to as “Reindeer moss,” it grows in northern European forests where it is exclusively hand-picked by locals. Everything is done traditionally with great respect for the environment.

This symbiosis between fungi and algae, the harvesting and processing of which offers a unique opportunity to employ members of local rural communities, retains its shape, color, and texture thanks to specific techniques.

The reindeer moss shows its natural splendor in paintings and also on large wall surfaces. It is used exclusively indoors, and if you keep the humidity at a minimum of 40%, it will offer its aesthetic and soothing properties to the full for many years. Unlike other plants, it requires no maintenance, not even enough light or water. There are no toxic substances to worry about either. The unique shapes, variety of colors, and acoustic properties offer endless design possibilities. This soft and flexible moss blends perfectly with modern materials and is a symbol of innovative ecological thinking. It is available in a variety of colors.

Basic colours

Forest green
Medium green

More colors

Ice blue
Royal blue
Erica L
Classic Blue
Levander Blue
Pacific green


Flatmoss is a flat, stabilized moss that can create an incredibly authentic green wall in the interior.

It pairs well with Bolmoss. This high-quality stabilized moss is hand-harvested in French forests. It fits perfectly with the design of modern moss walls. Its pleasant texture and favorable price make it an appropriate combination for large areas.

Flatmoss & Bolmoss

Flatmoss (flat moss) stabilized moss is usually used as a substrate for a green wall of plants or as an excellent combination with Bolmoss (“scoop moss”).

Hand-harvested in the French forests, this moss of the finest quality perfectly matches the design of modern moss walls. When creating Flatmoss&Bolmoss walls, the two species are combined in any proportion according to the client’s requirements, creating countless possibilities for creating distinctive 3D-looking surfaces.


With its 3D green wall effect, Bolmoss brings color and texture to any space.

Hand-harvested balls of the best quality from Scandinavian forests will bring a green lifestyle to your space. Bolmoss is grown sustainably under government supervision and stabilized using nature-friendly methods. Available in pale and darker colors. The color that is determined during the stabilization phase contains no harmful toxic substances. Slight variations in color are a sign of the natural origin of the moss, not a defect in the product. The thickness of the moss with a substrate is 5080mm. We are the only manufacturer to offer UV-resistant Bolmoss with a significantly longer service life.

Siberian moss

This type of moss combines the characteristics of its two very popular versions – Bolmoss and Flatmoss.

Rare types of stabilized materials create a unique texture with their predominantly convex shape on walls or paintings. With the use of LED light illumination, your wall gets an additional interesting layer of appearance. From Flatmoss, it retains intriguing longer sprouts and ruggedness. With its flexibility, it can cover up many wall imperfections.

Stabilized plants

They come from South American countries. Thanks to their preservation being a maximally ecological process, moisture is replaced by a natural preservative.

In this way, they are able to retain their freshness and flexibility without any maintenance. They are harvested under optimal conditions with respect to the environment and their natural renewal process. The Bemoss collection of stabilized plants is suitable for any interior, regardless of its nature. It creates a uniquely personal design that will constantly catch your eye. The 100% natural atmosphere will allow you to feel its soothing effects.


We have combined the best of several types of mosses when creating it.

We paired the reindeer moss and its large palette of colors with Flatmoss moss and slightly tweaked it with Bolmoss moss as well. The ORTHO walls are stunning natural moss walls whose design is eye-catching. We can look at these walls for hours and still find something new on them that we haven’t seen before. We cleverly complement the natural shapes that grow under our diligent hands with multiple colors, mosses, and height transitions. ORTHO walls can be created in a variety of shades so that we can create a design that you will be maximally satisfied with.

Moss Wall Art

Moss Wall Art is a unique way of creating walls where we work with lines and play with the human eye and its ability to perceive an image.

When creating walls, we use a combination of underlying wood and moss. The most common color of the base is white but other contrasting colors can be used as well. We can create this design from a variety of images. You send us your idea, or your image, that you would like to turn into a moss wall and we will graphically edit it to achieve the given Moss Wall Art design. The image can be something that you like, something that represents you or your company, or something you want to say about yourself to the world and your clients.