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Cork walls

The new generation

Cork cladding solutions,

GENCORK by BEMOSS, is a brand of cork solutions that offer a symbiosis between technologically demanding materials and their advanced processing processes.

It is a 100% sustainable and natural expanded cork system that boasts excellent thermal and acoustic properties. It adds a unique artistic value to both traditional and modern walls. Cork walls are a natural decorative alternative to traditional cladding. Cork can also be used to highlight the walls themselves or their contrasts.

Cork Black on White

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CorkIce 3D

The new generation

Sustainable Design

Only cork branches (falca) are used to produce cork granules. These are block clusters in an autoclave, a process that is 100% organic without the use of additives.

This technology, developed by Sofalca, involves injecting water vapor through the pellets, which expand and fuse with the resin of the cork itself. This “cooking” gives the resulting cork a dark color, like chocolate. Steam production uses biomass obtained by grinding and cleaning the falcon and is, therefore, a truly green, waste-free production with 95% energy self-sufficiency. This supermaterial, cork, offers a vast number of benefits. Besides being an excellent thermal and acoustic insulator, it is also a CO2 sink, which plays a key role in the environment.

Sound absorption

The sound absorption makes cork a suitable choice in noisy areas such as offices or classrooms.


With proper care, cork can last for decades.

Simple maintenance

Cork is easy to clean and maintain and does not trap dust or allergens.


Cork is a sustainable material because it is extracted from the bark of cork oak trees, which regrow after the bark gets cut off. That means that cork is a renewable resource.

Aesthetic look

Cork has a unique textured appearance that adds visual interest to the space.

New generation

Design and execution

The digital process is one of the most important elements of the GENCORK DNA.

By adopting and accepting computational design strategies, the GENCORK brand at Cork Walls explores algorithmic scripts inspired by pure nature, mathematics, geometry, and biometrics of parametric systems. This makes it possible to create a large number of different variations of the design and adapt it to any size or form in all interiors.