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Moss walls

At BEMOSS®, we’ll show you the benefits and beauty of moss walls. We are passionate about bringing the natural world into your home or office with our unique living moss walls. Northern European forests offer highly valuable stabilized moss, which is hand-picked by representatives of the local community and processed by local producers in a traditional way that respects the environment and sustainable development. This reindeer moss or other moss reveals all its splendor within larger areas of walls or images.

Moss walls


In addition to the absence of all common allergens, moss can pull this enemy of every allergy sufferer out of the air and protect you from them.

Bacteria repellent

Thanks to a special treatment right after purely organic and natural harvesting, it can repel all dangerous bacteria.

Maintenance Free

Forget about the need to care for stabilized moss, as is the case with other plants. They do not require water or light.


From collection to actual sale, care is taken to protect the environment and their sustainable future regrowth.

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We offer only the highest quality moss on the market. Our moss walls and images are handmade with great care and attention to detail. They add a touch of nature to your interior, but are also low maintenance and long lasting. Whether you’re looking to bring some greenery into your home or office, our moss walls and images are the perfect choice.

BEMOSS was the first manufacturer of moss walls in Europe and is one of the few companies operating worldwide. Years of experience working with all types of moss and plants, our own stabilization process, professional education, training and many projects not only in the USA but also around the world help us to create moss walls or moss images exactly to your requirements.

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Cork walls

Our GENCORK cork solution from BEMOSS is a 100% natural and sustainable cork system with excellent acoustic and thermal properties. A natural decorative alternative to classic walls with an interesting artistic value.

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